Welcome to HySCM

HySCM is a source code management system which supports distributed version control, autosync, and built based on blockchain concepts and principles. HySCM originally designed to support cLHy web server and other Hyang projects. But it's also working using HySCM built-in (stand-alone) server or within other popular web servers. Learn more...


Bahasa Indonesia :

Alisabana, Hilman P. (2019). Sistem Manajemen Kode Sumber Menggunakan HySCM: Konsep Desain, Implementasi dan Praktik Dasar. Penerbit Buku HLF, Jakarta.

Download HySCM

Available for download :

Version 1.1.7 (November 30, 2019)

Version 1.1.6 (November 19, 2019)

Version 1.1.5 (October 21, 2019)

Note : As from HySCM 1.1.4, we don't support binary file for download (we only provide source package for download starting from HySCM 1.1.4).

See all available releases.

Development Version

To build and install HySCM from the latest development, do the following :

  1. Go to the latest leaf check-in on the HySCM's timeline.
  2. Click on link at latest Leaf check-in (code with 10 characters).
  3. Download archive tarball or ZIP archive.
  4. Unpack it.
  5. Click hyscmterm on "Other Links". You should see the download button at the navigation bar (below main menu list). Click it to download.
  6. Rename the downloaded file to hyscmterm.
  7. Copy the Artifact UUID, and paste it to the content of a new file named hyscmterm.id.
  8. Place both hyscmterm and hyscmterm.id files to the top level directory of the source.
  9. Then follow instruction in the ./BUILD.txt file to build hyscm.